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Free Scripts

A major part of the work we do is custom development of many types of software:

  • Plug-ins for the Adobe Create Suite applications—While ever-expanding support for scripts in the CS applications makes plug-ins required less often than they used to be, it’s good to work with developers with the capability to develop them.
  • Scripts—We develop scripts of all kinds, but the majority are for the Adobe Creative Suite applications. We usually use ExtendScript for the CS applications because of its cross-platform support, but also create AppleScripts if necessary (or requested). Creative Suite scripts are generally much quicker to develop than plug-ins, and thus cost less.
  • Stand alone applications—We develop a wide rinage of standalone applications. We typically use C/C++ or Xojo, an elegant cross-platform development tool which can create applications for macOS, iOS, Microsoft Windows, and Linux, all from the same source code. PDF Comparator is an example of an application developed in Xojo.

Please contact us to discuss custom development projects, or click one of the buttons below for our off-the-shelf products.

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